Vangaea relies on a database for many different reasons.


The settings table stores different settings for Vangaea. At the moment these settings are stored in a properties file, but they will be migrated to this table in the future.


id INT PrimaryKey
skey VARCHAR(255) The settings key
svalue VARCHAR(255) The settings value


This table stores information about the different connectors available to Vangaea. This table is by default populated with the connectors that ship with UVAPI, but custom connectors can be registered here as well.


id INT PrimaryKey
packageAndClassName VARCHAR(255) The fully qualified package and class name of the connector class.


This is the table that stores information about Vangaea users.


id INT PrimaryKey
userName VARCHAR(50) The user name.
passphrase VARCHAR(255) The user's passphrase. This is not necessarily used as the web server may be configured to authenticate users against an external source, such as an LDAP server.
keyHash VARCHAR(32) The MD5 checksum of the user's encryption key. This is used to verify that the decryption key being offered is valid prior to attempting any decryption.
keySalt VARCHAR(32) This is the salt used to encrypt (and subsequently decrypt) the user's hypervisor credentials.

Authentication Cookies

This is table that authentication cookies are stored in when a user authenticates against Vangaea.


id INT PrimaryKey
cookie VARCHAR(255) The value of the authentication cookie.
userID INT The ID of the user that the cookie belongs to.
created TIMESTAMP The date and time the authentication cookie was created.


The available application roles.


id INT PrimaryKey
roleName VARCHAR(255) The name of the role.

User Roles

This table contains the many to many mappings between users and roles.


id INT PrimaryKey
roleID INT The ID of the role.
userID INT The ID of the user.


This table contains the information about the servers registered in Vangaea.


id INT PrimaryKey
address VARCHAR(150) The IP address or FQDN of the server.
port INT The port to connect to.
useSsl BOOLEAN Whether or not to use SSL to connect to the server.
ignoreSslErrors BOOLEAN Whether or not to ignore SSL errors when connecting with SSL (such as a certificate name not matching the name of the server you are connecting to).
alias VARCHAR(150) A server's alias, or friendly name.
connectorID INT The ID of the connector to use when connecting to this server.

Linked Credentials

This table contains the linked credentials sets between Vangaea users and their accounts on the hypervisors.


id INT PrimaryKey
userID INT The ID of the Vanagaea user that is a member of this linked credential set.
serverID INT The ID of the server that is a member of this linked credential set.
userName VARCHAR(32) The AES-encrypted user name to use when authenticating to the hypervisor.
passphrase VARCHAR(32) The AES-encrypted passphrase to use when authenticating to the hypervisor.
certificate VARCHAR(32) The AES-encrypted certificate to use when authenticating to the hypervisor.

URI Mappings

This table contains the URI mappings.


id INT PrimaryKey
objectID VARCHAR(255) The object's original unique ID.
serverID INT The ID of the server this object exists on.
created TIMESTAMP The data and time this mapping was created.